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GIL Coming to an End.

I have the unfortunate duty to announce that my syndicated comic strip Gil will be ending as of December 29, 2013. After a run of 2 years, there simply weren’t enough newspapers willing to run the comic to make it profitable, so the syndicate had to make the call.

A big thank you to the few newspapers that did run GilThe Providence Journal in particular. The Journal was bold enough to take a chance on Gil from the very beginning, despite receiving 100 phone complaints for removing Rex Morgan to make room.

Of course, I’d like to offer my biggest thanks to all the readers who have supported Gil. Many of you have sent emails and handwritten notes over the last 2 years to tell me how much you enjoyed the strip and identified with the characters. Your sentiments meant a lot to me. Thank you.

This is the end of Gil’s journey in newspapers, but who knows what the future will hold? Perhaps I’ll bring him back in some other medium one day.

Thanks for reading!

-Norm Feuti

Credit Where Credit is Due.


The 6/14 strip was written by my daughter Charlotte, thus the “C & N Feuti” signature. This is actually the second strip she’s written for me. In September of last year, she wrote the RETAIL comic below. I gave her credit for that one in the title panel you only see in the print version of the comic.

retail093012My daughter is a very smart and creative person. She makes me proud every day. I know she’ll be able to accomplish anything she wants to in life. Thanks for the jokes, “Sweet Pea!”

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