4 thoughts on “August 19, 2012

  1. Interesting that Gill has an imagination as complex as this already. In the online version of Gill, he didn’t get one until his mom started dating, and her “boyfriend”, or whatever gave Gill a book series, The Magic Amulet, I believe. I wonder if Gill having an imagination now shows that mom won’t get a boyfriend this time around.

      • Yes and no. What I’m referring to was the online version that Norm created a couple of years ago. This version now is because he got it syndicated and so is making money off of Gill. Some of the comics are the same but others are different. The main difference is that it was a bit more risque then the newspaper version. For example one arc was Gill was tired of being picked on by the girl at school (can’t remember her name) he complains to his dad and his dad introduces him to the middle finger, which Gill uses. I don’t think this arc will be in the print version as it might not be considered appropriate for newsprint.

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