GIL Coming to an End.

I have the unfortunate duty to announce that my syndicated comic strip Gil will be ending as of December 29, 2013. After a run of 2 years, there simply weren’t enough newspapers willing to run the comic to make it profitable, so the syndicate had to make the call.

A big thank you to the few newspapers that did run GilThe Providence Journal in particular. The Journal was bold enough to take a chance on Gil from the very beginning, despite receiving 100 phone complaints for removing Rex Morgan to make room.

Of course, I’d like to offer my biggest thanks to all the readers who have supported Gil. Many of you have sent emails and handwritten notes over the last 2 years to tell me how much you enjoyed the strip and identified with the characters. Your sentiments meant a lot to me. Thank you.

This is the end of Gil’s journey in newspapers, but who knows what the future will hold? Perhaps I’ll bring him back in some other medium one day.

Thanks for reading!

-Norm Feuti


82 thoughts on “GIL Coming to an End.

  1. I’m sorry to hear Gil is ending again. Even if there is little chance for another run with Gil, I do hope Gil and crew can cameo in Retail on special occasions.

      • Did you know the first version of Gil was a webcomic before Norm had to cancel it due to lack of time? If Norm tried to return this second version back to its webcomic roots, lack of time will be problem just like the first time. =<

        • I’d love to read the first run of Gil as a webcomic… there an online archive where I can read it? I’ve looked but can’t find it.
          I LOVE Gil…..I can really relate to a lot of it!

  2. Oh no! I’m horrified at the news that my favorite little guy is coming to an end. :( I have to say that this comic tops the list of my favorites, and after finding it through a friend, I tuned in every day to see what shenanigans Gil and Shandra would get into. I’m sorry to see this gem come to an end, but you have to do what you have to do.

  3. My Father in RI has been clipping Gil for me and my sons for a long time now and delivering them to NY where we live. We will be sorry to see the strip end. It’s our favorite strip out there now. I hope Gil will live on in some form. Maybe? Any plans for a compilation book of what’s been published already? We hope.

    Thanks for the great strip.

  4. Two years? Seems like just yesterday I started reading Gil. Time flies when you love what you’re reading. I’m so sorry to hear that the strip is ending. It’s so much better than most of the stuff out there. Best wishes to you, Norm, and thanks for two years of smiles.

  5. Thanks for drawing Gil. I discovered the strip just a few months before it lost its spot in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. (“Dogs of C Kennel”? Really?) And ironically, I first looked up today… Hope to see Gil in book form or some other incarnation soon.

  6. This is really disappointing, I think Gil is one of the finest new comics to appear in the last couple of decades; moreover, I have a ton of respect for the creator, who manages to produce two daily strips without missing a beat. Compare that record to so many of the webcomic artists who create comics as a full-time job but regularly miss deadlines because they are too hung over or otherwise unable to get it together to get a strip out. Feuti, you’re a pro.

    Gil moves me not only because the strip captures important things about childhood, especially the question of not quite fitting in with the in crowd, but because it addresses class dynamics in a way that most comic strips ignore. Foxtrot, FBOFW, Zits, etc, focus on middle or upper-middle class families where the big financial concern is a nice vacation or getting the latest gadget for the spoiled kids. Gil’s mom clips coupons and generally works her tail off to keep her family afloat. That’s an important reality in America and a perspective that is often overlooked in mass culture.

    Please consider the possibility of keeping Gil going in a webcomic format, even if it’s only on Sundays or a couple of times a week.

    • Well said! I also enjoyed/appreciated how Gil COULD have been made to be a perpetual loser (overweight, low-income kid from a broken family) but was not; or COULD have been made into some cute, smarmy precocious brat but was not. Sweet and endearing is what usually came to me in describing Gil.

  7. Oh no! That’s a really sad commentary on the state of the newspaper industry. Gil was one of the best strips of all time and a personal favorite. I’m really sad to see it go. Thanks for two glorious years.

  8. I discovered Gil a few months ago and love it. I hope you somehow continue it either online or in a book. Thanks for a great strip.

  9. It’s so distressing to read this! I tried to get my local paper to carry Gil and Retail but I guess I didn’t try hard enough. This is such a sensitive, funny, well-written strip with such well-developed characters, argh, it’s just what the funny papers needs. Long will I lament the loss of Gil.

  10. Well ya know what this means: Gils dad gets a “part time” job at demans for extra cash , and is forced to bring gil to the mall with him while he works …and gil hangs out at grumbels , bringing food to the crew and prompting his mom to ask, “where are all these cardboard robot costumes from?” Lol

    • Merging Gil characters into Retail wouldn’t work well. A cameo on rare occasions, maybe, but the most likely result of trying to combine the two would be ruining both.

  11. I’m also sorry to hear this. I began to read “Gil” along with “Retail” and enjoy both of them. I’m glad “Retail” will continue, it’s my favourite strip. I agree with those who say you should bring the characters of “Gil” into “Retail” and make Gil and his mom regular customers. Gil and Cooper would really hit it off! Good luck in all you do in the future and thanks for writing really great comic strips.

  12. Well that is truly a shame Norm. I so enjoyed Gil in drawing style and writing. But of course, Lord knows we can’t have a newspaper without Rex Morgan. Those 100 lil’ ol’ ladies need their “stories.”

    Gil would make a nice animated series me thinks.

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  14. I know you tried running Gil as a webcomic before, but perhaps it would work now that you have a few more readers? Gil is a great strip!! I suppose the problem is that those of us who identify the most strongly with it are also those less likely to spend a bunch of money with the advertisers. Maybe a book, though?This is way better than Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

  15. But…what? no!!! Tell them to drop freaking Rex Morgan or Mary Worth or even Beetle Bailey! Gil is one of my favorite comics to read in the morning.

    Can you do it as a webcomic? Something to keep it going?

  16. This is really disappointing…Gil is almost exactly like our 8 year old son…I laugh every time I read the daily strip. Really going to miss this one!!!!

  17. Norm, I’m very saddened to read a strip I grew to love to read via Daily Ink (King Features Syndicate) is ending its run. You brought a lot of endearing pathos to the little guy. He’ll definitely be missed.

  18. My wife hogs the funny page in the morning and some days I don’t get a chance to look at the comics until late, so I started searching for my favorite comic strips online, and tripped over GIL by serendipity. It’s amazing how often the strip parallels my life, it’s almost like you have a drone following me around with a camera. Hmmm, maybe if you re-tool so that GIL is a spy for the NSA it will become topical enough to survive. Just a thought. Anyway, thanks for all the humorous adventures. Good Luck, and God Bless.

  19. Norm, thank-you so much for Gil. I wish it could have gotten more newspaper attention. I live in Ontario, Canada and although we get Retail in our comic section I had to go online to get my daily dose of Gil. I enjoyed sharing his exploits with my students. I’m going to miss him and Shandra.

  20. I just found out about the strip ending, and I’m so sorry. Gil is such a nice little boy, and I’ve come to like his hardworking and patient mom. And his dad comes through for him often enough! I’ve come to care about these characters, and will miss them. Thank heavens “Retail” will still be around.

  21. I’m going to miss Gil and his escapades as well, not to mention his hard-working long-suffering mother. Put me down as hoping our favorite 8-year-old at least pops up as a web comic. What would happen if Gil’s mom got hired by Grumbels?

  22. I’ve enjoyed reading Gil since it launched. It’s been the second site I go to each day since I found it,, the first being retail,. I will miss this strip a great deal. You do amazing work and I hope that in the future you will have the success you deserve.

  23. I’m sorry to hear Gil is ending! I will definitely miss the little guy! Gil has been one of my favorite comics.Maybe you ca bring him into Retail comic somehow.

  24. I’m sorry to hear that. “Gil” is a fine strip and I looked forward to a new one every day. It’s a shame there are so many zombie strips still clogging the comics pages while newer fresh strips like “Gil” (and “Retail”) struggle..

  25. I find this a sad day for all of us who can relate to Gil and his Mom. I forward the strips to my daughter whose son is not named Gil, but could be. I also subscribe to the Chicago Tribune solely for this strip, and I have let them know that I will be ending that subscription at the end of the year. I feel bad about this, but it was truly the only reason I hung on to my Chicago roots. If you ever decide to set up a webcomic, I would be more than happy to pay for access. Keep up the good work.

    • Comics Kingdom replaced the Tribune for me! I have lived away from my daily Trib since the 70s but devoured the cartoons when I was visiting home! Discovered Comics Kingdom because of Gil! Wouldn’t it be nice if Comics Kingdom kept it alive!

  26. I’m sorry to see Gil come to an end. This was one strip that I wasn’t too impressed with at first; but Gil kept getting better. I hope Norm keeps this as a web comic.

  27. Norm,

    Question. With Gil ending, will you keep doing it “just for fun”? I don’t mean on a daily basis like you are doing now, but maybe on a “I feel like working on Gil” Basis or….. I have a Great GIL idea?

    I have liked Gil from before and within Syndication… PLEASE PLEASE don’t let this be “THE END”. I would think more of a “hiatus”. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with Raspberry Jelly on it?



  28. Enjoyed the comic. It was ‘previewed’ in The Oregonian a while back and I voted for it but it wasn’t picked up.

    Good luck, hope you keep making comics!

  29. I’ve been a long time supporter and will miss Gil. Sadly my local paper never ran it and I’ve been reading the strip here for most of the time. My wish is that all my views here would have helped get you into more papers.

    Good luck on future projects and let us know if a Gil book comes out?

  30. Me too! I’m really sorry won’t be able to keep up with Gil each day. This strip is one of my favourites. Guess you’ve gotta do what you gotta do.
    Hope they’ll shop at Grumbels now and again.

  31. Oh No!!! I LOVE Gil! I discovered it online and I’ve been faithfully reading ever since. I love his cat, his escapades, the humor in general….it sure brings back memories of how I used to think sometimes as a kid. Now as an adult I can relate to the entire strip in one way or another. Consistently good reading IMHO. Great work on your part Norm. Every time it was previewed in the newspaper here I lobbied hard for Gil to be a permanent fixture on the comics page….they just didn’t listen to me.

    Can you somehow continue Gil online for us diehard fans? Pretty please??? I will sure miss my daily Gil fix otherwise.

  32. Such sad news! I literally yelled out over my coffee this morning as I read the news of Gil ending. This is THE BEST strip since Calvin and Hobbes. Our family is made up of a wide stretch of ages (teen, young adults, mid- and 55+) and we ALL love Gil and what you have done. I will now look for a book to keep Gil’s humor in the house. Norm, we look forward to what comes next!

  33. Hey Norm, so sorry Gil is going away again. As the proud owner of the S/N Gil comic (39/1000; hey, if there are any around, you should be able to sell them here!), I will again miss him. Is there a place to sign up for notification, in case he resurfaces???

    May you prosper in the new year! Set us up with some Gil t-shirts, for example. :)

  34. I will miss Gil, his Mom and Dad, his neighbor, his cat, and his friend because they became more than strip characters. I hope that a way is found to let them continue on somehow in the future.

  35. Gil is the best! Such sad news. I discovered Gil through Daily Ink/Comics Kingdom. Thank you Norm for creating such an endearing and humorous comic strip. For what it’s worth, I would absolutely back a Kickstarter campaign to keep Gil going in one form or another.

    • I would also back a Kickstarter! And I really hope Retail works out in print – I think you do a great job with both your comics!

  36. My mom and I love reading the providence journal comics which have some of our favorite comics in them, including Red and Rover, Pajama Diaries, Zits and Close to Home. But one of our favorite comic strips is Gil which many other people like. When Gil first came out in the Providence journal we were upset to see this new comic replacing, not a favorite of ours, but it was still replacing it all the same and we weren’t ready for that change. But over the past year it has reached a staggering second or place in our hearts which personally, I wouldn’t be offended by. Still being a shocker to me and my mom, this was not funny, they just stole one of our favorite comic strips. We then saw what you placed on the internet, reading it and hoping we actually might have a chance to get Gil back. All of the Gil fans like us will hope that you can return the comic to the Providence journal, which would satisfy us all a lot. Thank you for letting Gil into our hearts.

  37. I had no idea that Gil was ending until I finally got curious enough to research why there had been no comic since the 28th. Gil and Retail are my two favorite comics, and they are always the first two I read. Who can’t relate to Gil, facing all of the challenges of childhood we all faced, plus some that are his alone? I hope we haven’t seen the end of Gil, especially when we have so many comics of lesser quality that have so much less to say and hang on forever and ever and ever…. Are you listening, Mary Worth? Perhaps as Retail continues to grow in popularity, there will be other opportunities for Norm to resurrect Gil. I sure hope so.

  38. Gil was one of the few comics in the Providence Journal I took the time to read everyday. There are so few comics that are actually funny and Gil was one of them. He will be missed.

  39. So sad Gil is ending!!! I loved his little antics! I always read online on Seattle PI. I also read Retail!! I would gladly read somewhere else! :)

  40. I am saddened to learn of this. It has happened to me before. Back in the ’80s, there was a comic strip I read entitled COBWEBS. It was a horror themed comedy strip. The final strip showed the main character’s funeral with the sun rising. The gravedigger said that what caused his death was “poor circulation.” Good-bye friend.

  41. I will miss Gil. It is clever, thoughtful, and a great comic strip, and it was one of the very few reasons to spend money on the Providence Journal. There have been very few strips as good since Calvin & Hobbes. Norm Feuti is very talented and I wish him well.

  42. Please, can someone tell me where I can find Gil, or is he discontinued forever? I finally found a comic strip I can identify with from my childhood and Gil is so cool! Please bring him back! Even online…..anywhere! PLEASE! He is my favorite!

  43. You could try a kickstarter campaign to put all of your existing comics in a book format. I would definitely support you on that. I’ve supported many other web based comics that I love and would absolutely do the same with Gil.

  44. Aaaaah! First Cow and Boy, now Gil! Sorry to hear the news. As another commentator said, it’s rare to find a comic that isn’t rooted firmly in the middle class. If you publish a Gil compilation, I’ll be one of the first in line to buy it.

  45. Gil was one of my selected favorites on DailyInk/ComicsKingdom. I will miss it, but I will continue to read the strip “Retail”. Clem, Doylestown, PA.

  46. I’m so sorry to hear that Gil has ended. It was well-drawn, but more importantly, it was funny. It was realistic and heart-warming and almost never mean.

    I hope you find a home for Gil. You’ve got plenty of fans out here who would love to read more of his adventures.

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