GIL Highlighted in “Seriously Funny” AP Article

Matt Moore of the Associated Press included GIL in a piece he published today on comics that tackle contemporary issues.

From the AP:

Writers and artists fold real-world events into their fictional worlds, blending boundaries to make readers not just laugh and escape, but also reflect and think.

“Comics have always been a reflection of our world,” said Brendan Burford, comics editor at King Features Syndicate in New York. “People want to see a reflection and, chances are, if the reflection is something that rings through with their world, their life, their family and their friends, they can relate and laugh.”

The title character in “Gil” is an elementary school student, slightly portly and always picked last for sports, who lives with his mom. He would love a nuclear family because it would mean he’d have superpowers.

“Growing up in a single-parent family during America’s first ‘Great Recession’ wasn’t always easy, but I look back on my formative years fondly,” said cartoonist Norm Feuti, who debuted “Gil” in January and has based it, partly, on his own experiences.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.



5 thoughts on “GIL Highlighted in “Seriously Funny” AP Article

  1. It’s been mighty quiet around here… no updates in over a week. Norm, do we blame the server or have you been preoccupied?

  2. It’s being posted regularly, they just aren’t showing up on this page. I believe he said he was trying to get an auto update set up for here, but until then he had to do it himself. The auto update on his Retail Comic page is having problems too (it seems to skip the Sunday update) which may be why it’s taking so long to get to this site (since he’s probably trying to fix that one first.)

    In any case, someone posted this link on the Gil Facebook page a few weeks ago and it’s what I’ve been using to read the comic:

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