Jolly Cholly’s

Inspired by this week’s story in GIL, The Attleboro Sun Chronicle wrote a blurb about the real “Jolly Cholly’s Funland” today. Growing up in nearby Rhode Island,  Jolly Cholly’s  was a summer tradition. The park closed in 1979.

The alternate reality version featured in GIL this week, is a conglomerate of all the amusement parks I remember from my New England youth. Does “Edaville Railroad,” “Story Land,” “Santa’s Village,” or “Rocky Point” summon nostalgia for anyone else in my neck of the woods?

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6 thoughts on “Jolly Cholly’s

  1. EdaVille is still open. They almost shut down last year, but the owners brought it back.

    I know all those places (except Jolly), most nostalgic for me is Rocky Point. Many fun times were had there, also many concerts at the Palladium.

  2. As a transplanted resident of New England (grew up in Randolph, MA), my mom and dad would always take visitors from of state to Edaville Railroad. We would make a tour of things down that way.

    Still have pictures of me sitting on a train from there from back in the 50’s and 60’s.

    Vaguely remember Santa’s Village. The rest are not familiar. I do remember going to Paragon park growing up and watching the WBZ dj’s doing broadcast from their remote trailer.

  3. My brother, sister and I loved going to Jolly Cholly’s! Our reaction when dad said, “Let’s go to Jolly Cholly’s for some ice cream”, was just about like Gil’s. Of course, we were just as much if not more interested in all the rides. Thank you, Norm, for this nostalgic moment.

  4. Story Land and Santa’s Village were summer traditions for my family. We used to spend a week in New Hampshire and go to those places, plus other attractions in the area. As far as I know, they’re both still operational, unlike Jolly and Rocky Point.

  5. I live in Southern California and we had a Santa’s village. I was a late no believer. I was still believing until about 10, but even when my mom took me to it between the ages of 6-8, and I remember thinking, Santa does not live here, this is gross. I was so glad when it closed down when I was nine.

  6. I live about 15 minutes from Storyland. I went a number of times with friends or my family. I used to love the spinning turtles best, but I probably have outgrown them.

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