The History of Gil

Mostly known for his syndicated comic RETAIL, cartoonist Norm Feuti made a second attempt at syndication in 2008 with a comic strip called GIL, a realistic and funny look at life through the eyes of a young boy growing up in a lower income family. The strip was very much a reflection of Norm’s own upbringing, and was generally well-received by the editors who saw the samples. Alas, GIL was passed on by all the syndicates at the time for a variety of reasons

Undaunted, Norm posted the samples on his blog to get feedback, and was surprised by the support it received not only by his existing fans, but by other professional cartoonists. Encouraged, Norm decided to turn GIL into a web-comic, where it instantly found a very loyal and engaged audience.

GIL was a very personal strip for Norm, that was both rewarding and well-received by its online audience. Despite this, however, he made the difficult decision to pull the plug on it after just one year to focus on other projects. Much to the disappointment of its readers, GIL ended it’s run on the web in 2009.

But Norm never gave up on GIL entirely. In 2010, he decided to resubmit it for syndication using the best of the strips he had developed on the web as samples. This time the planets aligned, and Norm was offered a development contract by King Features.

GIL launched in newspapers nationwide in January of 2012.